Communication to External Suppliers

Systematic evaluation of suppliers and subcontractors

In relation to our Management system based on the UNE en ISO 9001:2015, we sent the following communication to our system of evaluation and reevaluation of suppliers and subcontractors of ACTYON TUNNEL SL

Suppliers/subcontractors are evaluated through the first purchase of products or services contracted, [1] after this trial period, if there are no incidents, are approved by management and include, for Administration in the list of providers with the data from the provider in the corresponding tab of the supplier.

Annually at the end of the year, or to coincide with the Review of the system, Address, Responsible for the System and the various heads of each department, will review the suppliers, with the work function of the work done in the period, taking into account:

  • Number of non-conformities recorded throughout the analyzed period.
  • Importance of non-conformities.

The results of this evaluation will be reflected in the revision of the system for the Direction, picking up the criteria and the results of that assessment.

[1] There is an initial approval of providers, labelling them as Historical, with the understanding that they have worked with ACTYON TUNNEL SL until the time of implantation.

In A Rúa Ourense to June 1, 2018

Manuel Alonso Fernández