Environmental Performance Actyon Tunnel

In an era of great progress, the environmental sustainability it has a critical role in the performance of the activity of the company, both from the point of view of responsibility in the face of the preservation of the environment and the resources and the generation of new ideas and expectations.

In this sense ACTYON TUNNEL SL it has strengthened its commitment to the environment with the adaptation to the environmental Management System under the requirements of standard UNE-ISO 14001:2015 in which he has analyzed the environmental impact of its activity and on the basis of the life cycle of the services provided has determined their Significant Environmental Aspects for those who has set goals to internal based on the energy efficiency, the decrease of natural resources, the reduction of emission of pollutants to the atmosphere, etc

In the evaluation of environmental aspects of the year 2018, there have been significant to the following aspects:

  • Fuel consumption

From this commitment, ACTYON TUNNEL SL want to share to all of its customers and suppliers so that they know the work that is being carried out internally.

ACTYON TUNNEL SL they have established a goal to reduce as far as possible the fuel consumption by 0.5% in the year 2018 with respect to the data of the year 2017 associated with the vehicles themselves of the organization.

Those aspects of the business with greater significance in terms of environmental impact due to their toxicity or for consumption during the development of the activity of the company for the year 2018 are associated with the fuel consumption of the vehicles.

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