Policy of Quality and Environment

ACTYON TUNNEL SL it is created with the idea of actively participating in the society as a construction company and services.

The scope of the certificate of organization is the following:

"The rental with and without driver jumbos drilling and gunitadoras projection for works of tunnelling.

The construction of types of works:

  • Movement of earth and drilling (tunnelling).
  • Hydraulic (water supply and sanitation, and hydraulic work without qualification specified)."

Management ACTYON assume the following commitments:

  • Customer satisfaction. Considering the needs of the client and proposing alternative solutions to optimise the profitability.
  • Overall quality. The basic premise for the development of the activities of the company: quality management, quality organizational and technical quality-documentary.
  • Team Human. Staff with specialized skills and multi-purpose, with vision of the whole, and adapted to work in a team.
  • Continuous improvement of the system, as well as the provision of the service to the clientthrough the planning and definition of objectives and goals, and of a periodic review of the same.
  • Compliance requirements. Based on the compliance of the legalization applicable associated to the environmental aspects and other environmental requirements that the company subscribes in this area.
  • Identification and assessment of environmental aspectsassociated with our activities, with the object of direct operational control over those who generate a significant environmental impact on environment.
  • To promote awareness and environmental awareness with the protection of the environment. Are encouraged to be generated between the staff working for the organization or on its behalf, through the information and dissemination of guides to good environmental practices, aimed at the prevention of pollution and minimisation of the environmental impact of these activities.
  • Prevention of pollution in relation to all environmental aspects. To this end, the organization begins by:
  • The sustainable use of natural resources, promoting mainly the energy savings in the development of our activities.
  • A correct management of all waste generated in the activities and facilities of the company, promoting the re-use and recycling, as well as the segregation of origin, prior to the final management. 

The active participation has to be a dynamic element of our best "know-how" and "knowing how to be". For them it is important to us to deliver, each and every one of us, our ideas and suggestions aimed at the Continuous Improvement to minimise the impact on the environment.

Manuel Alonso Fernandez


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