Project Nytt Sobbeltspor Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad – Norway

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Actyon Norway, participa in the Project Nytt Dobbeltspor Sandbukta-Moss-SåstadI feel the contractor MossIA ANS, joint venture of Implenia Norge and Acciona Construction S. A., and the client Bane Nor.


The status of the company is provision of qualified personnel, Manpower/Labour Hire, while this is distributed in different areas of work within the Project.


The Project consists of its own concrete plant, specifically 3 floors, where one of our operators plays the position of plant Operator, quality and processing of concrete and its derivatives.

The paddler, performs maintenance, preparation and supply of material to the plant, as well as pick-up and cleaning of concrete creep.

A team of 8 operators perform tasks of multiple depending on the needs of production. (formwork, ferralla, logistics and construction in general ).

The team of 6 Gunitadores, perform work of projected fiber concrete ( gunite ) in live rock after blasting, drill and insert anchor bolts. 


On the other hand, we have Operators of Laboratoryworking in the quality department, specifically for the control of concrete.

The task of these operators is carried out both in the concrete plant, where it manufactures the concrete and shotcrete, and where there is a laboratory for quality control. As well as walk to work where it will be poured and cast these materials.

Also, work is made of injection.

The operators make small perforations, well them by drilling machine or by another operator with a Jumbo. These holes are of different sizes depending on the type of intended to do and what to inject. For example, if you are workers themselves to the piercing, it is perforations around 30/50 cm In contrast, if it is a Jumbo who performs the perforations, is about 3/4 m.


Subsequently, the operators may be injected with packers or shutters. Once you put the one and the other, connect the machine and begin to inject the material. 


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